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The Owner

ToolBox Widget Inc was founded, invented and is owned by a United States Marine combat veteran (2001-2006) that served in Iraq in 2005 for 8 months as a Counter Mortar-man. After the Marines he used his G.I. Bill and became an FAA certified aircraft mechanic (A&P), with an avionics ad-on and a 2,000 hr FAA certified commercial helicopter pilot with instrument and CFI (Flight Instructor) and CFII (Flight Instructor with Instrument). Being an aircraft mechanic for both helicopter and jets and also a DIY car mechanic he understands the requirements and what it really takes to stay easily organized, be efficient and how an organized toolbox is the center of that practice.


The Beginning

It all started with a simple idea and a need to organize a toolbox correctly, but also the need to be expandable and an easier way to account for tools. Then comes the 3D printer and wanting to have some fun with prototyping. After hundreds of prototypes and over the course of a year and half with day in and day out figuring out what worked and what didn't. After a while and teaching myself how to 3D print and 3D design I started having some real success and was able to start easily organizing my toolbox. Once those first actual 3D printed widgets were working and in the toolbox doing their job correctly everyone who seen them loved them and they loved the magnets, orange missing tool indicators and the modular concept. 9 out of 10 people who seen the first widgets in use would usually respond with "Can I buy some" or "Can I have some"? At that point and with enough people loving the idea and wanting to buy them it was time to try and learn what I could about patents and forming a company, lol.



Though we are still the newest tool organizing company on the block and have a ton of growth and new products to roll out with and a ton of waves to make. We are extremely happy with our growth for the last three years. We now have our own warehouse and an amazing team consisting of some family, some veterans and some veteran spouses and being self funded and with no investors that is a huge accomplishment. I am grateful for the entire TBW team and they are all equally amazing. They are the best asset to this company and I would happily go back to working out of the garage with them any day.  



The most important part of this business and were we put 100% of our focus is in the customer. We would not be anything but an idea if it was not for them. We as a business honestly know that and truly take it to heart. We do appreciate every one of you. We hope to show that commitment with our customer support. If you call us with a problem, you will speak to a real person employed by us and they will actually listen and correct your issue immediately. We also try to give back to the mechanics and technicians as much as we can.   We hope to do great things in the future and have a ton of cool products to launch.


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