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Angled wrench holders
modular wrench organizers
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Angled Wrench Organizers

Modular Angled Wrench Organizers made for Large Wrenches. 

  • The absolute easiest, fastest and best way to properly organize your large wrenches in your toolbox!  Organize a typical wrench drawer in about 5 mins.  Mechanics everywhere are loving them and can't believe how easy and great they work.


  • Each kit holds 10 wrenches, but add more holders as needed.
  • Made for large wrenches 3/4" or 19mm and larger in any order.
  • Holds wrenches at a 45 degree to fit in shallow drawers.
  • Connect the angled to vertical wrench widgets with optional adapters.
  • Strong Neodymium magnets, over 40lbs of pull per a kit.


  • Magnets hold widgets securely in place, even with a slam.
  • Works great with thin drawer liners.
  • Orange missing tool indicators makes inventory easy.
  • Widgets are 1.5" tall and fit into shallow drawers.


  • Each kit comes with a 2.5 x 5 sticker for your toolbox.
  • Optional snap-in size labels show 
  • Lifetime warranty (must register).
  • Mechanic and Veteran Owned.
  • Multiple patents pending, PCT, and trademarks.


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