Unveiling The ToolHanger: The Newest Member of the ToolBox Widget Family

Welcome to the future of tool organization—where functionality meets modularity with unmatched precision. We at ToolBox Widget are excited to announce the latest addition to our innovative product line: The ToolHanger. True to our commitment to providing smart, adaptable storage solutions, The ToolHanger exemplifies our ethos of meticulous tool management.

Imagine a system that not only promises but delivers a place for every tool and every tool in its place. The ToolHanger isn't just any organizational tool; it's a versatile, space-saving powerhouse. Crafted from high-grade nylon, it's durable enough to withstand the rigors of any workshop, garage, or creative space, without risking a scratch to your valued tools.

With proprietary twist and lock technology, The ToolHanger offers a secure hold for a variety of tools, making it a perfect match for our modular concept. It’s designed to grow with your collection, allowing you to customize your workspace horizontally or vertically—because we understand that the only constant in your work is change.

In this blog post, we'll dive deep into the world of The ToolHanger, exploring how its unique features can streamline your workflow and declutter your space. Whether you're a professional mechanic, a woodworking enthusiast, or a weekend DIYer, The ToolHanger is tailored to keep your tools organized and within reach, just when you need them. Join us as we explore how The ToolHanger and ToolBox Widget are revolutionizing tool organization together.

First let's check out what it looks like in action! 


Board Types:

The ToolHanger has two different type of boards with to meet your organizational needs: 

4-Row Board that's non-magnetic: This board style is ideal for hanging on a wall with mounting screws. The board can hang vertically or horizontally fitting any space you choose. This is the largest board in the collection and has 44 twist and lock slots. 

1-Row Board that's non-magnetic: Similar to the 4-Row Board, this board can also hang vertically or horizontally. The biggest difference between the boards is that this one is a single row of 11 slots, whereas the 4-Row Board is 44 slots. The 1-Row Board is perfect for mounting where space is limited. 


What about magnetic boards?

We love our magnetic capabilities here at ToolBox Widget - so how could we release a product that doesn't have magnets?! Hint, we didn't!

We built the ToolHanger to be magnetic and non-magnetic. This product started out as the pegboard killer - but we quickly realized that we might want to hang this in some other places too. The magnetic versions are perfect for hanging on the side of your toolbox, fridge, grill, and pretty much anywhere else that you can think of.

We created 4 specific kits that have magnets included and also created 2 pack magnet accessory packs so that you can make any ToolHanger magnetic. 

2 Pack Magnet Pack

Magnetic Board + 11 Screwdriver Holders

What if I just want to get something to really get me started? 

Well - you're just in luck! We created a massive 35 piece kit that has 6 different hanger types! This is our most comprehensive option that we offer right now with the ToolHanger line. If you're looking to get a great gift or give yourself a head start on organizing - this board has you covered. 

What does this kit include?

Dive into the realm of unparalleled organization with the ToolHanger 35 Piece Non-Magnetic Set—a craftsman's dream come to life. Envision a single, sturdy 4-Row Board with 44 ingeniously designed twist and lock slots that promise your tools not just a place to rest, but a stronghold. This set isn't just about storage; it's about transforming chaos into order with a flair of sophistication.

In the world of ToolHanger, size does matter. The six robust 4” Hangers are your go-to champions for hefty 1/2" sockets, the resilient hack saws, the trusty hammers, precision levels, garden rakes, shovels, and even your cherished sporting gear. Each hanger is a testament to the ToolHanger's versatility and strength.

Step down to the six 3” Hangers, and you’ll find the perfect match for 3/8" sockets, the guardians of your bike helmets, the caretakers of brooms, the keepers of duct tape, the holders of fishing poles, and the organizers of your essential garden tools. These hangers redefine the meaning of 'a place for everything'.

The six 2” Hangers are the detail-oriented souls of the set. Designed with finesse for 1/4" sockets, crafting supplies, the delicate fishing lures, your keys and kitchen utensils, they are the silent organizers that bring serene order to the small yet significant items in your life.

The quartet of Hooks in the set emerges as the versatile juggernauts, seamlessly accommodating brooms, extension cords, power drills, pruners, and more. They're the warriors in the shadows, providing support and accessibility.

For the precision tools, the six Rectangle/Plier Hangers and the six Oval/Screwdriver Hangers stand ready. These are crafted to cradle your drive sockets, pliers, pruners, putty knives, scissors, allen wrenches, paint brushes, screwdrivers, and wood chisels with care and precision, ensuring that your tools are not just stored, but showcased and ready at a moment's notice.

The ToolHanger 35 Piece Non-Magnetic Set is not just a product; it's a revolution in tool organization, beckoning you to a world where every twist locks in certainty and every tool has a home.

What about accessories to build my own set? 

We understand at ToolBox Widget the need to build as you go - or build your own organization system. That's one of the pillars of our company - to have endlessly customizable solutions for organization. With this theme in mind, we are launching 10, yes 10 accessory sets so that you can organize as you see fit. Let's take a closer look at the Accessory Packs. 

Accessory Screwdriver Holders

Accessory Pilier Holders

Accessory Hook Hangers

Accessory 2" Hangers 

Accessory 3" Hangers

Accessory 4" Hangers 

Accessory Tray/Bin Holder

Accessory Rubber Magnets 

Accessory 4-Row Board

Accessory 1-Row Board

As we bring this exploration to a close, it's clear that the ToolHanger 35 Piece Non-Magnetic Set by ToolBox Widget isn’t just about organizing tools; it’s about elevating your entire workspace to a new level of excellence. Each slot, hanger, and hook in this set has been meticulously designed to not only store but also to celebrate your tools. The craftsmanship invested in your tools deserves nothing less than the most thoughtful and secure home—The ToolHanger promises just that.

With the ToolHanger, you're not just purchasing a storage solution; you're investing in a system that adapts to your evolving needs, grows with your tool collection, and withstands the tests of time and use. Whether you're a professional mechanic fine-tuning a classic car, a carpenter creating heirloom-quality furniture, or a passionate DIYer crafting your next masterpiece, the ToolHanger stands ready to simplify and streamline your creative process.

Embrace the art of organization. Transform your workspace into a sanctuary where every tool is a glance away, every task is a touch away, and every project begins with confidence. The ToolHanger isn’t just our newest offering; it’s our vow to support the precision, passion, and pride you pour into your work.

We at ToolBox Widget are thrilled to welcome you to the family where tools are respected, and organization is revered. Join us in this journey of meticulous organization and discover the joy of having every tool in its place, every time. Because when it comes to your craft, ToolBox Widget understands that it’s more than just tools—it’s your world.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more innovation!

-ToolBox Widget Team

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