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The best way to organize your mechanic tools and tool box

ToolBox Widget is a mechanic and combat veteran owned business (U.S. Marines 2001-2006, Iraq 2005) and employs U.S. Veterans to assemble, package, ship, and support the TBW series products.


modular and smarter way to organize your tools

The Toolbox Widget is a modular and smarter way to organize your tools in your tool box. Every widget is made with a strong neodymium magnet in its base that holds your widget in place. This modular concept with its tongue and groove design allows for you to easily add and subtract holders to customize your tool box. Multiple patents and PCT's filed and pending.


v-shape and Flexible material can hold micro to large wrenches

The orange Missing Tool Indicator provides fast visual call-outs to show you your missing tools.

Our patented modular design allows for endless customization. Add and remove widgets as needed.

Each set has a combined magnetic pull of over 40 lbs. 5 lbs per each magnet.

About ToolBox Widget

Simple tool box organization

The ToolBox Widget was created because proper tool organization should be simple and easy. Having a slot for every tool, magnets keeping everything in place, bright orange missing tool indicators, customizable at any time and expandable with all product lines fitting together. The ToolBox Widget product lines solves all these problems in one simple, customizable system. You will love them. Invented and owned by a mechanic and veteran.

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