US utility and US design patent pending, EU patent pending, and PCT patent filed (152 countries).

How it works

The Toolbox Widget is a modular and smarter way to organize your tools in your tool box.  Every widget is made with a strong neodymium magnet in its base that holds your tools in place.  This modular concept with its tongue and groove design allows for you to easily add and subtract pieces for your ever changing toolbox. Need to re-design and make room in your toolbox? No problem. Simply detach, move, and place your tools without the constrictions of standard tool holders.

Product Line

Orange Notification Marker

All final production widgets will be made with an orange identification strip or marker. This feature will allow for accountability of your tools and minimize the risk of lost tools. 



Every widget is affixed with a with a strong neodymium magnet in its base that holds your tools in place.


About us


The Toolbox Widget is Veteran owned business started by Jonathan Hurley. Our company was started on a simple idea and concept to create easy solutions to everyday problems. This direction let us to our first flagship product; The Toolbox Widget. 

The Toolbox Widget. From aircrafts, cars, motorcycles, boats, you name it... finding the right tool box organization was a problem. We tried foam, plastic pieces the tools came in, expensive metal holders, and none of these lead to a truly customizable solution. The Toolbox Widget is a better way to organize your tools, period. We've made hundreds of prototypes and put them to work in fast-paced environments. Not only does this solution translate to every mechanic we've tested with, our solutions stands up to the daily use of professional mechanics. 


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