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Angled Wrench Organizers

For Large Wrenches Only

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Modular Angled Wrench Organizers made for Large Wrenches Only.

The absolute easiest, fastest and best way to properly organize those large wrenches and spanners laying flat in your toolbox! Organize a typical wrench drawer in about 5 mins. Simply and easily customize and change the layout at any time, their modular and all connect to each other.


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  • Each kit holds 10 wrenches, but add more holders as needed.
  • Made for large wrenches or spanners 3/4" or 19mm and larger in any order.
  • Holds wrenches at a 45 degree to fit in shallow drawers.
  • Connect the angled to vertical wrench widgets with optional adapters.
  • Strong Neodymium magnets, over 40lbs of pull per a kit.
  • Magnets hold widgets securely in place, even with a slam.
  • Works great with thin drawer liners.
  • Orange missing tool indicators makes inventory easy.
  • Widgets are 1.5" tall and fit into shallow drawers.
  • Lifetime warranty (must register).
  • Mechanic and Veteran Owned.
  • Multiple patents pending, PCT, and trademarks.


The ToolBox Widget team will be away from Oct 8th to Oct 17th attending the Medco Tool Show in Tampa, FL. Please, wish us luck.  We will not ship during this period until Friday the 18th. However, here is the deal we will offer for the wait and inconvenience;

    • Spend $100 get 1 free kit of our choice ($25 Value)
    • Spend $200 get 2 free kits of our choice ($49 Value)
    • Spend $300 get 4 free kits of our choice ($99 Value)
    • Spend $500 or more and get 6 free kits of our choice ($149 Value)
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    • Kits will be either vertical wrench or screwdriver, no smaller kits like labels. A $24.95 value each
    • The kits we will add will be helpful and useful. For example; if you bought $300 worth of vertical wrenches kits we would add screwdriver kits as the free ones.
    • The kits will be added during shipping and you will not see this as an automated feature.
    • Any questions or issues just contact us  



Angled Wrench Organizers - Specs


  • Made for large wrenches or spanners (3/4" or 19mm and larger)
  • Each widget has a steel plate to increase magnet strength
  • Each magnet is approximate 7lbs of pull per a magnet
  • Average of over 40lbs per a kit
  • Holds wrenches at a 45 -degree angle
  • Widgets are 1.5" tall and fit in shallow drawers
  • Widgets are made of a rubber and plastic bled, flexible but still strong.
  • A run that holds 10 large wrenches is 14in long, again made for large wrenches.
  • About 1.4" per a slot.
  • Shipping weight is about 7 oz.
  • Lifetime Warranty



Angled Wrench Organizers - Whats Included


  • One kit holds 10 large wrenches, add more as needed.
  • Each kit consist of 4 double holders and 2 single holders.
  • Each widget slot has a bright orange missing tool indicator.
  • Includes a single box as shown.
  • Includes one 2.5" x 5" sticker with lifetime warranty instructions

*** Does not include angled to vertical wrench adapter (Sold separately)



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