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Modular wrench organizers
Modular tool organizers
Modular Wrench Organizers
Modular Toolbox Widget Wrench Organizer
Large and small wrench organizers
Toolbox Widget Toolbox Organizers
Toolbox Wrench organizers
Tool organizers for your toolbox
Best way to organize wrenches
Modular tool Holders for your tool box.
easiest way to organize tools
Toolbox widget tool organizers
wrench organizers

Wrench Organizers

Modular Wrench Organizers made for your Tool Box! 

  • The absolute easiest and fastest way to properly organize your wrenches in your toolbox!  Typically saves around 30-40% of space and can organize a typical wrench drawer in about 5 mins.  Mechanics everywhere are loving them and can't believe how easy and great they work.


  • Each kit holds 14 Wrenches, but add more holders as needed.
  • More compact, save about 30-40% of space in your toolbox drawer.
  • Strong Neodymium magnets, over 40lbs of pull per a kit.
  • Magnets hold widgets securely in place, even with a slam.
  • Works great with thin drawer liners.
  • Orange missing tool indicators makes inventory easy.
  • Can Hold micro wrenches up to 2" or 52mm in any order.
  • Holds wrenches vertically and saves space.  Widgets are 1-3/4" tall.
  • Comes with a 3x6 sticker for your toolbox
  • Snap-in size labels coming soon and not included.
  • Lifetime warranty / 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Veteran Owned, Veteran employees.
  • Multiple patents pending, PCT, and trademarks.

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